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Who We Are and Why We Are Here

About Us

We strongly believe that when you take control of your money you have the options and the choices to change you life.  Many people believe that they will never be able to manage their money and feel that they will be forever living in state fear regarding their money.  That is simply not true.  Anyone is able to take control over their money instead of feeling that their money is controlling them.  Yes, anyone!

We are a couple who have been together over a decade (!) and we have proven that with hard work, dedication and setting the right priorities you can take control of your money and make a life that you want to have with the resources you do have.   We have paid off debt, paid for a wedding in cash, bought a house, completed home renovations, gone back to school and handled everything else along the way without going into debt.   We want to share our story with you to inspire you.  To help you feel empowered to give yourself the life you want!  We believe that you have the power, you just might not know it yet.

What we believe:

We know that when you take control of your money you have the power to transform your life. There are a lot barriers that people have when it comes to money and really leveraging it (and themselves) to the highest potential.

How did we get here:

Practical lessons about personal finance aren’t taught in school – no matter how helpful they may have been (I never had to write an exam on how to do my taxes).  Most of the time we get a crash course in what NOT to do after we get our first credit card and max it out.  That’s hardly an education that will set you up for success.

Outside of the classroom, our parents often didn’t take the opportunity to talk about or teach us about how to manage money.  There are a few reason for this; some are related to their own insecurities about their skills, their own fears about money or just the fact that they never talked with their parents about money and had no idea how to talk to us.

The Millennial Conundrum:

The Millennial Generation has a different perspective and path when it comes to money.  We likely went off to higher education, took a little longer to get married/settle down, dealing with a VERY different housing market (especially in Canada where we are) and a completely different job market than our parents or Generation X before us.  Honestly some of the money advice provided/targeted to us these days either paints us a spoiled brats who are pulling all kinds of money from our parents or provides us with suggestions to save money that don’t sit well with us (personally if I read one more suggestion to save money by giving up Starbucks/the “latte factor” I’ll scream).

The Reality:

All of these things combined can give you an overall feeling of hopelessness, despair and frustration – which continues to fuel the cycle of financial illiteracy and leaves you afraid to change for fear of making the wrong move.

Our key belief is that you can have whatever you want with your money but you have to know WHAT you want, focus in on that and cut out the rest.  We are here to help you discover what is important to you and that will make a difference to your overall life.

Money is not going away any time soon.  Money is a tool for getting goods and services.  So if you can’t beat them, join them (or join us).

Sarah and Scott