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Episode 7 – No Debt, No Doubt

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In Episode #7 we talk about Debt and Debt Freedom. Did you know the origins of the word Freedom was “freedom from debt”? Just some of the magic we talk about.  We go through the main different types of debt and how you would get them, like mortgage debt, student debt and consumer debt.  We talk about how to avoid some debt all together and pitfalls some people fall into.  We talk about strategies on paying off student/consumer debt quickly and share the steps we took to pay down our mortgage aggressively.

Show Quote: “Whenever you use someone else’s money there is a cost associated with it so it’s important to understand what the risks are.”

Podcast Length:  77 Minutes

Show Resources:

Review of David Graeber’s “Debt: The First 5000 Years”

CBC Article on Tuition Fees on the Rise

Statistics Canada Tuition Fee Information

Maclean’s Article on Students Unrealistic Salary Expectations

Carleton University 2009 Survey on Student Debt

Glassdoor Job Research

Sarah’s Blog Post: How We Took 6 Years off Our Mortgage in 4 Steps 

Scott’s Blog Post: How I Paid Off $11K in Debt

Sarah’s Blog Post: Emergency Fund: Waste of Time or Peace of Mind

Debt Repayment Calculator

Millennials being Mortgage Free

High Student Loans

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