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Episode 6 – Room to Budge – Budget Changes

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Your budget is a living and breathing document.  It is a wonderful tool that can grow and shrink with your resources.  It is a guide to financial health, a snapshot of your life and the key to reaching your goals.  Unfortunately changes to your budget are not always positive – but some determination and rational thoughts can get you through it.

Sarah and I have a chat about some examples of budget change requirements, some advice – we go through the ups and downs of the life of a budget.

We also have changed recording locations in hopes of eliminating the sound of our desktop fan, we’d love to hear from you if it sounds better!

Podcast Length: 60 Minutes

Show Quote: “You’ve got to do the math!”

Show Resources:

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Send us an e-mail at coupleofsense@gmail.com with your stories of changing your budget and we would love to feature your story on the blog.

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