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“Making up” the Budget: Why I Budget for Beauty

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Beauty BudgetHow do you make sure you can pay for your personal care or beauty needs?

I wanted to share why I budget for beauty care and how we make this work in our budget.  There is a small part of our budget that goes to a makeup fund.  I use this to cover off any beauty (hair and makeup) needs.

Full disclosure I probably spend more than I need to on makeup and hair.  I consider it a relatively small indulgence in terms of dollars per year and it makes me feel great. So there. 🙂

Reason #7000 why budgets rule:

This is one of the things I love about having a budget. I get to make a decision about how I want to prioritize my money and then not feel guilty about spending money.  I can get a bottle of face oil since I have the budget to do so!  With having a certain amount of money allocated to me I don’t feel like I’m stealing from our grocery budget.


Several years ago I came home after purchasing some expensive shampoo and conditioner.  Since we don’t hide purchases from each other I told Scott about it.  He kindly told me that it should come out of our grocery/personal care budget.  Then I told him the price and I said that I would be taking it out of my makeup fund.  It was a LOT of money – more than I had ever spent before.  There was no objection on that point once he heard the price.  I mean he couldn’t object since he had NO words for me.

Other than the fact that he thought it was ridiculous to spend that kind of money on hair care products this never got escalated into a fight.  The money had been set aside for me to use as I saw fit for all of my beauty needs.  Truth be told I don’t use those products anymore.  What I do spend my money on these days are products that get the job done and make my life better (dry shampoo is my bestie).


That being said it’s still an exercise to prioritize what I would like to spend it on.  I can’t get my hair done every week and still have money for the skin care products I like to use.  As I age (early 30s) my makeup has become less important and I’m more focused on using the right products for my skin.  I need to still work within the money I have allotted for this fund and part of it is making sure I track my spending consistently.  Most of the time I use my credit card for online purchases so it’s important to keep track when you aren’t parting with cash.

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How this fund works in the budget:

  • A certain amount of money goes into this fund every week (Scott gets paid weekly)
  • Every time I spend money on items that would fall into the makeup category I enter in the amount that I spent and it gets deducted from the available balance in that category
  • I never spend more than I have available

As I mentioned we don’t put a ton of money in there so sometimes part of my weekly cash allowance goes to pay for makeup/hair needs.  I don’t really get coffee and don’t buy my lunch so I usually end up having some cash on hand in my wallet that I will use for a pedicure or something like that.

Now what about Scott?  How does he deal with personal care items?

Those items come out of the grocery/personal care budget.  No, it’s not “fair” but he is not really brand specific and doesn’t want to drop that kind of money personal care items.  I’m 100% cool with using the grocery /personal care budget for his grooming needs.  Also, my more standard products like deodorant and body wash still come from our grocery budget.

It is worth noting that he gets the same amount that I put into my makeup fund into a golf/sports fund so we consider this a fair and equal arrangement.

Remember as long as you balance your budget, set money aside for long term saving and cover your expenses you make the rules when it comes to your budget.

How do you manage personal care items in your budget?  Do you think I’m crazy?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Quote of the Week – “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous” Coco Chanel

Take care and keep on budgeting – Sarah

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