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Life With A Baby: Month 7

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Life With A BabyLife With a Baby Month 7 we went through new teeth, trying to crawl and planning for the baptism.

Monster Baby:

Ava is a bigger than average baby. She is very long and we are often in different size pants vs tops. By 4 months she was wearing 6 month clothing and by 5.5 months she was wearing 9 month clothing. She wasn’t even 8 months and was in 12 month clothing! By this time she was the size the average 1 year old! My poor back!

At this time I also started feeling the effects of carrying around a 20lb baby on my body. I felt like my body was letting me down and because I felt horrible I couldn’t muster up the energy to really take care of myself. So my back was starting to spasm and the effects of carrying her had finally hit. I finally caved and booked a massage for myself (for the first time – link to benefits).

I felt much better and wanting to continue taking care of myself more but I didn’t. Maternity leave is not at all what I expected. I’m a Type A need to do it all kind of person and I figured I would be doing a lot more. There are some days when I just don’t feel very productive. Or at least not in the way I use to feel. This was the start of the mental health concerns that continued on for a couple of months. More on that in month 8.

Is Winter Over Yet?

By this time it was February and the cold weather was fully set in for cabin fever. That made it all the more difficult as we were trying to plan for her baptism which was going to be when she turned 8 months. The baptism was super low key; church and then to a restaurant for food and cake with immediate family and super close friends. Knowing what I know now about planning things like showers and weddings I wanted it to be as easy as possible. So simple and easy tend to be less expensive which was what I was looking for.

By this time I also assumed that Ava would have started crawling. While I LOVE seeing friend’s babies on social media I started to feel that my baby wasn’t doing what she should be and was super behind. At this point all she could do was push herself backwards and rotate in a circle. On the plus side it was easy to keep track of her but on the down side I felt she was behind and it was something that I was doing wrong. Neither point is accurate but at the time it just felt really overwhelming.

All The Teeth:

Teething was also tough at this point. When her 5th tooth came in I didn’t even notice until it was down and cut. But teeth 6-8 were tough. She was a total suck during the day and at night she would cry in her sleep. It seemed like she was getting them all in at the same time but it was about 3 weeks of rough teething in total.

Next month will be a tough post to share since there was some emotional difficulties from my end and Ava had a couple of accidents within a week. I will share but truthfully not looking forward to it.



  1. GYM says:

    Haha, I was looking at Bridget’s instagram too and feeling a bit worried my baby was behind, her baby is AMAZING! Every time I see the instastories, I’m like “whooooaaaa!! She’s amazing!”

    “Next month will be a tough post to share since there was some emotional difficulties from my end and Ava had a couple of accidents within a week. I will share but truthfully not looking forward to it.” –> My baby fell off the bed today and he has a red nose! He did a somersault off the bed as my husband and I were trying to get the pack and play set up (they make those things so NOT intuitive).

    • Couple of Sense says:

      I’m sorry that you went through that! It was a tough one for me to deal with. Is he okay now? Are you okay now?

      I think comparison is the theft of joy. They are all growing so much in 12 months that where they are vs other babies isn’t fair to them. I know that while Ava is walking already and based on the milestones she is physically at level with a 15 month old she isn’t a big talker and is a little behind in that regard. She understands but doesn’t vocalize things. While that is concerning I know that mastering a new skill like walking means that most of her energy will be on that. But it is hard not to worry and think they should be more ahead vs other babies.

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