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Life With a Baby: Month 6

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Life With a BabyLife With a Baby – Month 6

(Where has time gone?)

I finally burned out in month 6. It was the most down I felt at any point postpartum. The decision fatigue that I experienced was so real. It impacted me so much. I didn’t want to make a to-do list, I didn’t want to pick what to eat, and I didn’t care about anything. I analyzed literally every decision that I made regarding Ava, including sleeping and how much to feed and when to feed her.  It was terrible weather out and with the rush of the holiday season I just stayed in. There were times I didn’t leave the house for a week at a time. In hindsight that wasn’t the best move at all but I just wanted to be in a routine at home and not worry about bringing stuff with me or needing to make one more decision than I needed to.

I firmly believed I was doing it wrong. The issues we experienced in the first month of her life not feeding her enough kept coming to the front of my mind. What makes it more difficult is that there is not one best way to do it. So many people are advocates of baby led weaning and they say that makes it easier for the parents and babies become less picky. In my mind if you are going to have a picky eater it’s going to happen regardless. How you handle it is a different story. I don’t want a picky eater but baby led weaning is a LOT of work and you need to have a high level of patience to implement it. Ava is a very fussy eater and it felt like all day I would be feeding her and she would not get to do anything else.

During this time I spoke to some of my Twitter mom friends about it. Mainly Penny and Alyssa as their babies are close in age to Ava.  They were so helpful and encouraging to this process to feed her and just jump in but it was so much more than that for me. It helped me so much and gave me the courage to just go for it. Thank you both so much!!

Hybrid Model:

I’m a fan of a balanced approach. Our pediatrician told us we needed to introduce common allergy food and everything that was on that list was made by us. So we gave her a balance of that along with pureed foods to make it a tad easier on us. She got food in her and also started learning some self-feeding skills. It was an approach that maybe worked too well that I will share in some upcoming updates.

Tummy Moving:

Ava was spending a lot of time on her stomach but was not crawling yet. She was good at rolling and didn’t get upset being on her stomach (especially for sleeping). I know crawling is not a requirement but it was making me nervous that she wasn’t doing it yet. She had found a way to get around however. She pushed herself backwards and rotated on her belly. It wasn’t very precise but it helped her move around. She continued to do that for a while. I tried to remember that it isn’t a milestone that she has to meet and it doesn’t mean that she won’t ever walk but it is hard to not feel your baby is behind when younger babies have already mastered the skill.

Next month I’ll share about getting more teeth, trying to crawl and my new go with the flow attitude on planning things.


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