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Life With A Baby – Month 5

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Life With a BabyStarting Solids

By the 4 month appointment we left the doctor with the direction to start feeding Ava solids whenever we were “ready”. When I asked what that meant I was told that we would know when the time was right. So we spent weeks trying to figure out when the right time was. We told ourselves, “oh beginning of November we would start” then I couldn’t find bowls and spoons. So delay. Then we had some unexpected family issues to deal with, so delay again. Eventually we started with rice cereal mixed with formula as her first meal. A few weeks after that we gave her a peanut product (it looks like a Cheetos) that she is supposed to have to get her introduced to peanuts. We did that in the parking lot of her pediatrician’s office just in case she had a reaction.

We were getting into the groove of cereal once per day until I realized that we should be working up to 2x per day as per the doctor’s notes. Fail! So we started that and continued on for a bit. Starting solids for Ava was a very stressful process. I was overthinking it to no end. What should we start with, how much, what time of day? To make matters worse there is so much information on what way is the best way. Purees vs baby lead weaning vs some type of hybrid model. It was all very overwhelming.

Major Decision Fatigue:

Around this time was where I hit a wall. I was doing the meal planning and I could not figure out what to make for dinner. I was done making decisions. The amount of decisions that I already had to make on a daily basis combined with the introduction to solids wore me right out. I didn’t care what we ate or what we did that weekend I didn’t want to make another decision.

When I first explained this to Scott he didn’t understand what my issue was. I am amazing at making decisions and he knows it. I can go with the flow and make decisions on the fly. My last job before I had the baby I literally created my own role that impacted my super large company and another super large company. I was making multi-million dollar decisions but I couldn’t figure out what to make for dinner on a Tuesday. Like, really?? After we spoke at length I explained all of the daily mundane decisions that I needed to make that were already draining and then add to that the decisions starting solids my brain was maxed out.

Am I Doing This Right?

This really took a hit to my mental well-being. Aside from the exhausting tasks of making decisions that I still needed to make it related to Ava it added to the concerns I have about re-joining the workforce come September. I got promoted before I left and will be heading into a management role when I come back. No idea which role but being away from adults and making decisions for work ON TOP of baby well-being decisions has me a bit stressed out.

I still worry about what I will be like when I head back to work. I’m working through those feelings but I know that I will get it done so I don’t want to worry for the sake of worrying.

Practicing our Sitting:

Coming out of the month 4 appointment we were told that we needed to practice her sitting so we did quite diligently. I have to say that I wasn’t the best with tummy time when she was young. It wasn’t that she didn’t do it ever, she just didn’t like it and I didn’t push it. I didn’t know how to help her practice sitting up so we just put her on the middle of our bed and let her sit. There were a lot of face plants at first but by the time she was just under 5 months old she was able to sit up no problem.

More to come with feeding in month 6 where thanks to the support of some of my fav internet peeps we went all out!


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