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Life With a Baby: Month 4

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Life with a BabyLife with a Baby

In month 4 we dealt with schedules, our first weekend away, teething and mom guilt. By four months Ava started to change the way she looked and started looking less like Scott and more like me. She still has his mouth so whenever she is super upset she transforms back into Scott. Ha!


When you have a baby the doctors and the hospital ask you to track things like feedings and diapers. They look at that information to make sure things are on track and are able to quickly call out if things aren’t going well. Being the nerd that I am, I continued to track. It was just data collection so I could see if there were any patterns in her behavior that I could mold into a schedule. By the age of 4 months I could see that we had a pattern so I attempted to transition into a daily schedule. I fed her every 3-4 hours depending on what time she starts the day and how it goes. Gave her 2-3 naps depending on how long she slept and how tired she was. It isn’t the most ridged schedule in the world but it allows some structure on days we are at home. By this point if we are out and about she wouldn’t sleep very long in her car seat/stroller unless it was time to nap. Gone are the days of getting some extra sleep time by just being in the car.

First Weekend Away

We had a wedding around the time that Ava was 4 months old and I spent a solid month in panic mode. I was planning for lots of options and stressing out about EVERYTHING. Some of my main concerns:

  • What it was going to be like going away with a baby for a weekend?
  • Would she sleep in her pack and play the same way she slept in her crib?
  • Could this trigger the 4 month sleep regression?
  • How could I balance actually attending the wedding, that Scott was part of the wedding party, and take care of Ava?

Keeping It All In:

I didn’t want to burden Scott by letting him know this. In all my packing for her I didn’t bring any meds for us so I had a MASSIVE headache. I finally figured out who I could ask for some meds which helped but I was beyond stressed out. This resulted in some crying by me after I missed all of the speeches dealing with Ava’s crying. After a quick talk I realized I was being too ridged. I was trying to keep Ava in this newly formed schedule like we were at home. But we weren’t at home and no matter how hard I tried it would not have worked.

After realizing this I embraced the situation and the rest of the weekend went really well. She had her last bottle, we put her baby headphones on and she slept on me for 2.5 hours while I danced the evening away before we called it quits at 12:30am. The next day I was talking with the groom’s sister who had a 1 year old and she said that she had the same feeling as well. It takes a lot of effort to making sure that they are on track when out and about. I was happy I wasn’t alone but I will be re-thinking my game plan if we have another weekend away.


After the wedding away we had her 4 month appointment. I was worried about her needles after her 2 month appointment that caused me to cry. But it went much better probably because I was prepared for much worse than the last time. A couple of things came out of the appointment. First she wasn’t sitting well. To be honest I didn’t know I should have been practicing her sitting. So we made it a mission to have her sitting up every day. We put her in the middle of our bed to make sure she had space around her when she toppled over. In a couple of weeks she improved immensely and could sit up for stretches of time without falling over.

We also thought that she could be teething and brought that up to the doctor. He basically said not to worry about it and that at this age babies trick their parents to thinking that they are teething. So parents give them things to chew on and freeze their gums when they just want to explore their hands in their mouth. What I didn’t mention to him was that I had 4 teeth by the time I was 4 months old (my poor parents) and we really thought she was teething.

Later that night Ava was having a MELTDOWN which we just attributed to getting needles but then I checked to see and she had cut her first tooth! A week later the second tooth cut and the drool and anger subsided a bit.

Mom Guilt

By 4 months I really expected Ava to be rolling and because she wasn’t I was convinced that it was because of me. I believed that she was behind because I didn’t give her enough tummy time. While I tried to spend as much time as possible with her on her tummy there were days that we missed it. So not only was she not sitting correctly she wasn’t rolling either.

On the day of her doctor’s appointment we were practicing sitting and she fell over to her back. She then proceeded to roll to her stomach for the first time. To recap she got needles, cut her first tooth and rolled over on the same day. Not only does she look like me when I was a baby she now has my character trait of 0 or 100.

Check it out next month while we deal with talking, leaps and starting solids.



  1. I love that you’re sharing these monthly updates! Like I was saying on Twitter the other day, at a certain point, for most things, babies just do what they’re going to do until they have a leap and then they’re suddenly there! Very 0 to 100 🙂

    • Couple of Sense says:

      You have my fav quote of all time that I remind myself and my sister, who is a new parent also, babies gonna baby. They will do what they want when they want. You are right it is 0 or 100. I also love your updates on JB as well. Helps me see into my future. 🙂

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