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Life with a Baby: Birth Story and Week 1

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Life with a BabyWelcome to a Life with a Baby where we are sharing our journey into parenthood.  The first Friday of the month we will be sharing a story of what life was like.

This month is the birth story as well as the first week at home with Ava!  The theme for this month is the 95th percentile.

The 95th percentile

I was off work for about a week.  My first week of maternity leave before Ava was awesome.  I cooked and baked all of the things which came in handy during the first month.  There were concerns that the baby was in breech so I did a late term ultrasound on the Tuesday just before I hit 39 weeks.  Breech would have equaled a c-section so needless to say I was panicked.  I had a great tech doing the ultrasound.  She let me know that the baby wasn’t in breech right away.  I made an immediate call to Scott then went back to more cooking.

I went in on Thursday for my weekly doctor’s appointment.  He didn’t even sit down when he asked me if I knew how big the baby was.  He proceeded to inform me that based on the measurements the baby was in the 95th percentile.  At 39 weeks I was already looking at a 9lb+ baby and they were concerned that should the baby get any bigger we would have to do a c-section which was something I did not want to do.  After talking it over with my doctor to understand what the margin of error on the ultrasound was we decided to induce that weekend.

Happy Father’s Day:

It like it was happening so fast.  I had an appointment on Thursday morning and by Friday I was at the hospital getting induced.  Inducing did not work and Ava was born on Father’s Day via eventual c-section.  I was in 20+ hours of active labour and she wasn’t coming out or dropping so they don’t let you go that long.

We didn’t know if it was a boy or girl and when I heard the doctor say it was a girl it was one of the happiest moments of my life.  Then when they said she weighed 7lbs 8oz!  A far cry from 9+ lbs!  So ultrasound measurements are not accurate if the baby is very long but not heavy.  Ava was in the 95th percentile in length, just like I was, but only the 50th percentile for weight.  So lying on the table, cut open, having major surgery, and not able to feel my legs I was disappointed that it went down this way.  At 39 weeks I would have been happy to take another 2 more weeks of pregnancy and she wasn’t ready to come out yet.  But here she was.

Everything changed after that. 

What was amazing about a c-section is that the baby goes right to the father.  Normally the baby is placed on the mother and then the father isn’t really part of it.  For a full hour while I was getting stitched up Scott had Ava and had some daddy + daughter bonding time.  I didn’t even change the first few diapers since I couldn’t get out of bed.  It was amazing to have Scott show me what to do.

Hospital Stay:

Because of the major surgery we were in the hospital for 3 days.  I was admitted on Saturday morning and left on Tuesday morning.  I was very happy to leave. The hospital was great to us however there was a revolving door of people coming through, like food service, nurses and other people.  The food service people didn’t knock and I was topless in front of more people than I would like to admit.  We had a private room because that is all the hospital had and I can only imagine what it would be like with a shared room.  The first few days you are all naked most of the time trying to feed, change diapers and try to get some sleep.

First Week Home:

The first week when we were both home with Ava was amazing.  It was hard and we got zero sleep but we had some of the best laughs and the most wonderful times.  Laughing so hard at a massive poop my stitches hurt and tried to find a pillow to brace myself.  That first week was a blur.  I don’t even remember the Wednesday which was our first full day at home.  I remember the first bath, taking shifts of trying to sleep through the night and our first trips out of the house as a family.  Luckily we didn’t have too many people over other than immediate family.  People did respect our privacy and trying to figure out life as a new family of three (plus the cat).

First Trips Out:

Our first visit out was to the doctor when she was four days old.  It was just to the doctor and the grocery store.  Ava hadn’t gained any weight from her discharge weight at the first appointment.   We were told to come back in a week to check up again.  More on the struggles with weight gain and eating next month.

The following day we went out to the mall.  Because I wasn’t going to be able to drive for a couple of weeks due to the surgery and Scott was going back to work the following week I wanted to get out of the house while I could. Of course on a Friday afternoon I ran into 3 people I knew and most of them were questioning why I was at a mall with a 5 day old and why I wasn’t lying on the couch after major surgery.  Walking around was crazy hard but it was worth it to get out and learn how to be out with her. We didn’t even have to feed or change her that outting and as soon as she was getting hungry we took off.

Look out for month 1 of the Life with a Baby series coming next month!



  1. GYM says:

    That’s good that you were able to have a private room, I can’t imagine having to share a room too, it would be awful especially with the postpartum emotions etc. I’m sorry that you had a c section and was induced but your baby is happy and healthy. Thanks for sharing your birth story 🙂

    • Couple of Sense says:

      Private room = amazing. If I can control it I wouldn’t do it any other way.
      I feel way better now but if avoidable I wouldn’t recommend c-section or inducing to anyone!


  2. Penny says:

    Long laborers unite! I was thinking of your story the whole time, so I felt fortunate he came out “on his own” (plus lots and lots of drugs that I didn’t plan on). You are very strong! It’s also wonderful that she and Scott got to bond like that (though I wouldn’t wish an unplanned c on anyone). So many hugs and congrats! Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Couple of Sense says:

      I’m sorry that during your labour you were thinking about mine (at least that’s what I think you mean)!! I’m happy HP came on his own but with Ava being a week early she wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere. It was mad cozy up in there.

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