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How We Are Planning For A Staycation

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Planning For A StaycationI will admit I’m not the best flyer. I guess I’m out of practice. From 2010 to 2013 I was on a plane 4 times, once a year on vacation including international flights. However the thought of heading into a closed space for 3-5 hours with a 1 year old is a bit stressful for us. Scott has vacation time to use and our daughter turns 1 next week so we thought why not hang around the city and take in the sights. So we are planning for a staycation this year.

In the past we have used time off for work around the house like the first part of the basement or our outdoor patio. Not this year. When we first started talking about time off a concern Scott brought up was that he wanted it to actually feel like a vacation instead of just hanging around the house all week. So we are trying to do as much as we can to make it feel like a vacation without flying anywhere.  Here is how we are planning for a staycation.

It is worth noting that this will not be a way to do a staycation for free. It will be cheaper than heading somewhere however you won’t find many travel hacking or frugal tips in this post.

No Cooking or Cleaning with 1 Exception*


We are having our daughter’s 1st birthday party at home on the Saturday. To save myself some time, for the first time ever, we are paying someone to come to the house and clean it on Friday. Luckily we don’t think that the 2 babies will cause a huge amount of mess and most of the adults will be able to keep the mess contained at the party. So the house will be decent and not require much cleaning for the week we are on our staycation.


We are making food for our party guests on Saturday and then will have anything we have left for dinner on Saturday and Sunday night. Sunday afternoon we are going to visit my parents/grandparents and food will be taken care of. After that point there will be no cooking for us. Baby will still get food made for her because she’s kind of a picky eater but since she is over 1 we will try to give her things that we are eating. But for us it will be takeout or stuff you can buy at the store that requires very low prep work. I don’t eat meat, dairy or eggs so I generally eat lots of veggies and I don’t think it will be too difficult to eat during this time. This is will probably be the most expensive part of our staycation budget.


We will not be doing any of our laundry (clothes, sheets etc) past Saturday night but we just don’t have enough towels for baby to use for her meals. That isn’t a ton of work and it’s not worth buying extra stuff to not have to do a couple of loads of laundry. When we are at home I try as much as I can to use things that can be washed as the waste on napkins is pretty high when the baby is feeding herself.

Take in the Sights:

We have baby’s 1 year doctor’s appointment in the middle of the week but other than that each day will be dedicated to going somewhere. On tap is the zoo, aquarium and some bigger parks in the city. We will take transit when we can but if we have to drive somewhere and park that isn’t a huge problem either.

Get off Our Phone:

The old school camera is coming out with us when we can. Since we will have the stroller we can afford to bring the camera too. The bulk of our pictures are on our phones but our camera is great and really gets some nice shots. I’m also logging off of Twitter and Instagram for the week to really disconnect.

Bill Payments:

Last year right before the baby was born we made a point to pay every bill as soon as it came in. We will be doing the same thing this year paying all the bills to make sure that we won’t have to do anything. I try not to check my account everyday but nothing takes the fun out of spending money paying your credit card bills.

Use Free Resources:

The library is my friend. Our daughter goes to bed at a reasonable time and I hope that we can get a few movies from the library to watch after she goes down. We are hoping to find a couple of Marvel movies or some TV shows to binge watch. If not, there’s always Netflix.

What do you think about staycations? Anything you have done in the past that has worked? I want to hear about it.


***Other note: There will be no new posts until July so we can take some time off from all things work to spend time with our family.

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

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