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Free Budget Template 

FreeBudgetScreenshotDownload our Free Budget Template today!

Looking to get your feet wet with starting a budget?

Don’t want to invest a lot of money before you get started?

If you answered yes and yes check out our free budget template!  We are excited to offer you a free budget template to get you started on your quest for financial freedom.  

I want to be clear that this isn’t your basic everyday, run of the mill excel budget template.  Don’t let the “free” part of budget template fool you – this template is slick.

Some of the perks:

You are able to manage different sources of income with different pay cycles.  This was inspired by our own personal situation where we get paid monthly and weekly.  It was impossible to find budget templates that worked for this situation.  There is also a feature that shows you how much of your total pay you are spending on an individual budget line item.  This help you see each budget item in terms of your total financial picture and how much money in terms of percentage each line item accounts for.

If any of this sounds like something you are looking for don’t hesitate!  Download our free budget template today.  If you have reviewed what is online and those things just didn’t fit your needs give this a spin.  We hope it works and gets you one step further on your financial journey.  Having a budget is the most important part of your financial journey.  

Don’t wait – start today.

Take a look, give it a try and we welcome your feedback as always at coupleofsense@gmail.com.

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