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Female Personal Finance Bloggers You Need to Be Reading

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female personal finance bloggersHappy Birthday to Us!

Yesterday was our 2 year blog anniversary. So much has changed in our life in the past 2 years. Between Scott’s job loss, reduction in pay, my promotion, baby Ava and my maternity leave we have been through a lot personally. But I don’t see much value in sharing about writing about the blog and how that has changed us. Instead I’m going to share with you the female personal finance bloggers that inspire me every day.

Why Female Personal Finance Bloggers?

Because I own this space and I can talk about what I want. In 2018 we are still dealing with women having to defend ourselves on what we know, being asked for sources and generally made to feel less and less welcome in some BIG personal finance spaces (including Rockstar Finance). And I’m saying this as an able-bodied cis-het white person. Remove any of those privileges and these spaces become even less welcoming.

I hang out on Twitter and every time Bridget (Money After Grad) writes something about affordable child care and women going back to work she has 100 people (men) in her mentions about why she is wrong. If a male wrote about why they went back to work and how child care costs need to be reduced it would be featured on Rockstar Finance (joking but not really).

No One Listens to Us:

I wrote a blog about privilege and someone wrote a WHOLE post about it and mislabeled the writer (me) as a male. The way I see it he didn’t even take the time to read it properly before his finger hit the keyboard to generate the post.

We have to have 100 tweet threads on why we should be allowed to be in elevators with males. When we call out that we can’t just go and make more money (common advice given) when we aren’t allowed to be in same spaces as men in leadership positions for their fear of “false accusations” we are told to work harder. Telling women to make more money to solve their problems when they are having their careers suppressed is pretty messed up advice.

We have to have 100 tweet threads on why a quote is misogynist and problematic and eventually have a male ask for proof to derail the conversation. Then when the original tweet is taken down that same person comments on the removed tweet saying that they shouldn’t have taken it down because we shouldn’t respect what women are saying/what do they know? (I’m paraphrasing but basically his thoughts.)

Every day it seems we need to defend ourselves and prove that we exist in the personal finance space. Money is EVERYWHERE and for a long time women have been shut out of the conversation. I’m happier that I have a voice (small one) and the older I get the louder I get with what I want to say. My birthday is this week and as I enter my mid 30s I care less and less about what other people think and more about what is going to be best for the world.

Female Personal Finance Bloggers That I Think Are Amazing Along with My Fav Posts

Money After Grad – The Impossible Price of The Motherhood Tax

Half Banked – In Praise Of Weird Spending

Mixed Up Money – Real Talk: Mental Health is Too Expensive

Our Next Life – What FIRE Bloggers Owe Readers // A Blogging Manifesto 

A Gai Shan Life: How and Why I’m Cutting Off My Father

Gen Y Money – Money Shouldn’t Trump Family but in Dysfunctional Families It Does

Smile and Conquer – No, I Won’t Do 61% of the Housework Because I’m a Girl 

She Picks Up Pennies – Here’s to Strong Women: The End of The Damsel in Financial Distress

Bitches Get Riches One Reason Women Make Less Money? They’re Afraid of Being Raped and Killed.

Dumpster Dog – Is Traveling Just Materialism in a Clever Guise? 

Chief Mom Officer – Poverty Tourism – Is Frugality Really Just For the Rich?

Bravely – What Life Was Like When I Made Less Than $20,000 a Year 

Luxe Strategist – I Grew Up Poor, But I’m Privileged Anyway

Debts To Riches – First or Last

Tenacious Feminist – What Kind of Society Do You Want? Let’s Talk Taxes 

Also Check out this Podcast: 

The Fairer Cents – Every Episode, All Day. Every Day.

Also check out this AMAZING LIST of Female Personal Finance Blogs from Women Who Money and submit yours if it is not there.

Also if you want to read my fav post that I wrote about money + sexism check it out.

There are PLENTY of people I missed. In the comments I need you to share your favourite female personal finance bloggers to spread the love!!



  1. GYM says:

    Awe thank you for the mention! 🙂 I like how men always chime into Bridget’s conversations especially when she’s asking a question to breastfeeding moms on Twitter!!

  2. Happy two years! It’s been wonderful having your voices here in the blogosphere and on Twitter, here’s to many many more years of speaking out and doing the right thing for the world.

    And thanks for the inclusion <3

    • Couple of Sense says:

      Thank you. I’m happy we have found our voice over the past year. Maybe it was becoming a parent or maybe just with age but I’m happy to speak up about what I see when I can. You have been a big supporter and I thank you for that.

  3. Thanks for the mention! You’re awesome too. I get frustrated at the level of sexist discussion I see. Heck I wrote a whole post about how money is genderless – but all these discussions show that getting said money certainly is not a genderless topic. Unfortunately. I look forward to the day that it is, and try to do my part in educating my three sons that way.

    • Couple of Sense says:

      Thank you for doing your part with your kids. We all have work today to make our little space better.

  4. Ms ZiYou says:

    Epic list! And I’m not very pro all women shortlists and quotas as if we don’t change will not be quick enough.

    If I read one more best of list featuring 10 male bloggers I might cry.

    And happy 2 years, wow what a lot has changed in that time period.

  5. Piggy says:

    This post is EXPLODING with truth bombs. You managed to capture something that really frustrates me but I’ve never been able to quite articulate: how exhausting it is to try to convince people (read: certain men), in writing through social media, that sexism exists and it shouldn’t. It’s exhausting to debate the basic humanity of women. Not to mention people of color, LGBTQIA people, the disabled, and others. I’m hella TIRED.

    • Couple of Sense says:

      Thanks for the compliment! It means a lot coming from you. I’m hella tired too but I don’t think we can stop anytime soon. There is too much work to do.

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