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#CPFC16 Canadian Personal Finance Conference 2016

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cpfc16As you likely know if you are reading this Scott and I are Canadian (the way I write cheque gives it away, not to mention Scott being a puck-head). We are also brand new into the personal finance world. We have loved sharing our experience to help others and it’s been great connecting with others that share in our passion.

This year we are super excited to head to the #CPFC16 2016 Canadian Personal Finance Conference! Want to know if it’s right for you? It likely is, since you are reading a finance blog. The target audience is basically anyone who is passionate about personal finance including writers and bloggers. Sign us up!!!

Details about the Event:

The event runs from November 19 – 20 at the Appel Salon in the Toronto Reference Library. When Scott and I first started dating we were in that library a lot to work on a specific project so it’s super cool we are heading back there after almost a decade.
This is a two day event all day Saturday and half a day Sunday with a late start. Saturday night is a networking event and we are super excited to meet some of the Canadian personal finance people we have been following. I’m going to try to keep it together.

There are some pretty awesome keynote speakers this year too.

Preet Banerjee:

Preet Banerjee was part of the conference since the beginning being one of the co-founders. He has his blog and podcast that I have been following for a while. I first saw him in Million Dollar Neighbourhood in Season #2. I liked his approach and looking forward to hearing his thoughts.


Bruce Sellery:

I first saw Bruce Sellery on Season #1 of Million Dollar Neighbourhood (we really liked that show). Bruce is a long time writer of Money Sense magazine and personal finance expert on tons of shows and programs across North America. I’m super excited to hear him talk.


We nerded out and bought tickets right away so we are going to be at the fireside chat with Rob Carrick on the Friday night. Those tickets are sold out but there is still time to get the early bird tickets. There are limited tickets so it’s best to act now.

For more information check out the website: http://www.canadianpfconference.com/

#NOTASPONSOREDPOST I’m just super excited and wanted to share!

Hope to see you there! Sarah

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