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Why I Need Money in My Own Name to Feel Safe

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Money in My Own Name to Feel SafeLast week on Twitter I said that women need to have their own money and credit cards in their name only. Lots of people were telling me that in the event of divorce assets would be split in half regardless of which name was on the account. That is unfortunate but not unsolvable. A prenup/postnup could be put in place to keep assets secure. But that wasn’t what I was talking about. I believe that women should have their own money so they are able to feel safe and have money that no one else can access should she need to leave the relationship quickly. Read more

Female Personal Finance Bloggers You Need to Be Reading

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female personal finance bloggersHappy Birthday to Us!

Yesterday was our 2 year blog anniversary. So much has changed in our life in the past 2 years. Between Scott’s job loss, reduction in pay, my promotion, baby Ava and my maternity leave we have been through a lot personally. But I don’t see much value in sharing about writing about the blog and how that has changed us. Instead I’m going to share with you the female personal finance bloggers that inspire me every day. Read more