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Couple of Sense in the Capital – Our Trip to Ottawa

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Trip to OttawaA weekend getaway:

Sometime in late March we decided that it would be really nice to get away for a weekend.  The last time we had gone on vacation was when we went to Las Vegas to celebrate our second wedding anniversary in 2013.  It had been quite a long time for us and we figured it would be nice to get away even for a couple of days.  We spent some time looking for a place to go. We knew we were not going to have a lot of time so we wanted to keep it in Ontario.  After looking at a few places about an hour or two away from the city we decided that we would make a trip to Ottawa (our nation’s capital) for a weekend.

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What Is The Value?

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ValueI work a stressful job for the industry I’m in.  It’s not brain surgery, active military duty or coal mining however it is fast-paced, active and I have to think on my toes and dance every day.  I love my job and it’s the best role I have had in the 9 years I have worked for this company.

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5 Things I Learned While Job Hunting

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A Job Hunt Review from Someone Who Just Went Through It!

Before I get started on what I learned while job hunting, a bit of a background.  In 2006 I was hired by a small, family-run company to manage one of their larger clients.  By 2008 I was promoted to a position where I managed all the clients, and the suppliers, and the employees.  I held this mystical position known as Operations Manager.  This meant that I did pretty much everything: sales, payroll, scheduling, accounting, hiring, firing…basically everything to do with the ongoing operations of the company.  I thought I was invincible.  With the processes I put in place, 4 people’s jobs became 1 – mine.  Then to my surprise, one spring morning in 2016 the pedestal came crashing down.  I was provided a working notice. It was a pretty bad day, just after a great day.  The day before Sarah and I did our official launch of Couple of Sense.

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Best Wishes to a Wonderful 2017

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2017Best for 2017:

Instead of the usual Wednesday post from us we wanted to share with you our best wishes to a happy and healthy 2017.

I know for many 2016 was a very rough year.  But for many of us we still have a lot to be thankful for.  We are still here and have the wonderful chance to make the new year a wonderful one.

I’ve always been a big fan of New Year’s Eve.  I think it’s because there is less pressure on gifts and stress.  It’s about starting a new and looking forward to new possibilities.

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What Is Your Personal Hourly Rate

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The Value You Put On Your Time

money-finance-bills-bank-notesI’ve had a few jobs where I got paid by the hour, specifically when I was younger.  I worked at a coffee shop, a summer camp, a movie theatre, a fast food restaurant, a video rental store. There were a few others for a summer here or a weekend there.  It was certainly important to me what my hourly rate was. Though my pay almost always started close to or at minimum wage.  Going from $8.35 to $8.75 an hour was a huge accomplishment.  That meant my time was worth more, a whole forty cents more every hour than it was before.  Something happened as I got older though – time has become a very valuable commodity.  My personal hourly wage has gone up.

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Why Do We “Should” All Over Ourselves?

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expectationsWhy are we so hard on ourselves?

I think we have all done it.  Setting unrealistic expectations of where we should be at a certain point in our life.  My question though is why are we “shoulding” all over ourselves?

Quarter-Century Crisis – 1 year:

I went through it in a big way in my mid-twenties (doesn’t everyone?).  Unlike many people who had some quarter-century crises I had a crisis at 24.  A huge part of it was that I felt like I should have been at a certain point by that age and because I wasn’t, I was in a funk.  I was “shoulding” all over myself.  A big huge pile of “should.”  (FYI – the pun will keep going btw)

At the age of 24 I had the completely unrealistic expectation that I should have been married, purchased a home and starting a family.  Truth be told (and I don’t know why I thought this) I figured I wouldn’t be working – I assume being home with kids at that point.

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The Millennial Message

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millennialSometimes my grandmother tells me stories of when she was younger.  She lived in Northern Ontario and there was a lot of snow where she lived.  So it isn’t a joke when she said she walked long distances in the snow.  But the barefoot and uphill both ways part, not so much.

A couple of weeks back Des from Half-Banked shared an article from Vice on Twitter. The article was about people from the millennial generation who were still living at home.  There were various reasons why they were living at home but mainly it was due to culture and/or lack of jobs.  What sent me into a rage however was some of the comments that painted all of the millennials with the same brush as spoiled and entitled brats.  The thing is that I have heard comments like this before either online or in person.  For some reason this post set me off.

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#CPFC16 Canadian Personal Finance Conference 2016

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cpfc16As you likely know if you are reading this Scott and I are Canadian (the way I write cheque gives it away, not to mention Scott being a puck-head). We are also brand new into the personal finance world. We have loved sharing our experience to help others and it’s been great connecting with others that share in our passion.

This year we are super excited to head to the #CPFC16 2016 Canadian Personal Finance Conference! Want to know if it’s right for you? It likely is, since you are reading a finance blog. The target audience is basically anyone who is passionate about personal finance including writers and bloggers. Sign us up!!!

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It Pays Dividends – Pursuing Freedom Interview Series

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Another First for Couple of Sense

itpaysdividendspostGood day to you!  Sarah and I are extremely excited and honoured to be part of the Pursuing Freedom Interview Series on Itpaysdividends.com.  Thias (owner, operator, money guru) has been generous enough to share with his readers the stories of his fellow bloggers.  This is a wonderful idea, as we are all in this game for the same reason – to improve the lives of the people that come visit us.  I have personally loved reading every entry in this series and look forward to more in the future.

You are hopefully already aware of who we are and have had a chance to read some of our blog posts, and maybe even check out our podcast.  This series digs a bit deeper and asks us some questions about what we are all about, what our plans are, and why we got into this gig in the first place.

Please take a few minutes to check out the post here and share your thoughts – we’d love your opinion.

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Couple of Sense – Making a Difference

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tLgnaP88_400x400Happy Saturday!  Hope you are having a great weekend.  Yesterday was Canada Day so we are enjoying a long weekend and we have been enjoying it thoroughly!  Today we are excited to share with you that we are featured on Canadian Budget Binder’s series called Making a Difference (MAD).  This was an honour to be asked to share our work and message with the readers of the Canadian Budget Binder.  I encourage you to check it out our feature on “The Saturday Weekend Review #179” from July 2nd.

You can follow the link here.

Thanks for checking in this weekend.  For our Canadian and American readers have a safe long weekend celebrating your nation’s birthday and independence, respectively.

Take Care – Sarah and Scott