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The Perfect Storm

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The Perfect Storm: Instant Gratification Meets Delayed Payment

Buying things you want has never been easier than it is today.  With a few clicks on your phone (or even your watch) you can purchase almost any good or service imaginable.  You can order a pizza, purchase a week’s worth of groceries, buy concert tickets.  You can even get an automatic bonus on Candy Crush.  If you have a “smart home” you can set the program to automatically order certain goods when you run low.

This wasn’t always the way it was done of course.  If you want to go really far back, you’d have to club what you want and drag it back to your cave.  But even in the past 30 years the evolution of payment has sped up astronomically.  The vast majority of these conveniences are linked to credit rather than actual cash (in the bank or otherwise).  This is where we reach the perfect storm – where instant gratification meets delayed payment.

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Netflix and Bills

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Using Services Like Netflix to Lower Your Entertainment Costs

I am too young to remember a time when a television was a rare item in the average household. I am old enough though to remember a time when televisions had a dial that went from 1 to 9 because that was the number of channels that were available locally. You may or may not be able to relate to that image, but if you are visiting a website dedicated to personal finances (and we thank you for that by the way) you are likely old enough to have seen technology change drastically in your lifetime.
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