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It Pays Dividends – Pursuing Freedom Interview Series

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Another First for Couple of Sense

itpaysdividendspostGood day to you!  Sarah and I are extremely excited and honoured to be part of the Pursuing Freedom Interview Series on Itpaysdividends.com.  Thias (owner, operator, money guru) has been generous enough to share with his readers the stories of his fellow bloggers.  This is a wonderful idea, as we are all in this game for the same reason – to improve the lives of the people that come visit us.  I have personally loved reading every entry in this series and look forward to more in the future.

You are hopefully already aware of who we are and have had a chance to read some of our blog posts, and maybe even check out our podcast.  This series digs a bit deeper and asks us some questions about what we are all about, what our plans are, and why we got into this gig in the first place.

Please take a few minutes to check out the post here and share your thoughts – we’d love your opinion.

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