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How do you feel about money?  Does money…

Stress you out?

Have you fighting with you partner?

Keep you up at night?

How Do You Think About Your Financial Situation?  Do You…

Wish money was simple and you just “got it”?

If you answered YES to any of these then we can help you! YES we can!


Budget Breakthrough: Take Control of Your Money in Just 30 Days

Based on our own relationship and helping out couples and singles we created a 30 Day money coaching program to turn your money from WOES to WOWS.

Follow this program and after just 30 days and you can expect to have

Less stress…Better Relationships…Improved Sleep

 We will show you how to turn your financial life around.

Want to hear more…click here and we’ll show you how.


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Budgeting on a Commission

A Few Ideas on How to Budget When Your Salary is Commission-Based There are a few different ways to receive payment for work performed; you can be an hourly employee, working on a fixed salary, completing a project for a contracted amount, or working for a percentage of the sales you make (AKA Commission).  There …

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Can You Save Too Much?

A couple of months ago Des from Half-Banked had a blog post about how to spend or save your tax refund for maximum happiness.  One of the points was to treat yourself; guilt-free. (Check her site out if you have not already!)   Her point was if you are responsible with 90% of it you don’t …

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Why Being Money Nerds Makes Us Happy

Time For a Money Nerd-Out! Ever since before we got married Sarah and I have been money nerds.  When we launched Couple of Sense  we had an outlet (besides each other) to talk about money.  This outlet lets you read into the inner money dork in us, our concepts and habits that really drive our …

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